"Luke Wade met me in the gym 5 years ago when I was looking to find myself, my determination and motivation again. 5 years later, I am still in the gym and making healthy lifestyle choices. I wouldn't be here today without Luke's guidance, assurance and belief in me
along the way. He takes each of his client's goals as his own. Proud of what you are accomplishing Luke. Keep up the good work and inspiring daily! God is definitely working in
you to help others." - Kristy (44)

"Luke is fantastic! He is extremely positive and genuinely wants to help you be successful. He comes up with challenging and effective full-body workouts that really make me sweat but the results have been great! If ever I get too tired or need to take time to regroup he is always willing and extremely patient! He is also a Godsend for working with me and my schedule!
10/10 recommend!" - Isabella (24)

"I'm a tough client because I have a few health conditions that complicate things. Luke is great; he puts his history with physical therapy to use. He knows when to encourage you to push
yourself (because you can) and when to listen to your body. Training is more than just counting sets, and Luke gets that." - M.P. (40)

"I couldn't be happier with my personal trainer, Luke. He has been great at motivating me through my weight loss. Because of his enthusiasm, knowledge, and professionalism have been able to stay on track with my program and stay in shape to reach my goal." - Kelley (32)

"Luke was always on time and highly organized, made accommodations, and kept track of my progress. I highly appreciate his motivation and dedication. Thanks, Luke. - Ramya (36)

"I hadn't worked out in about 2 years when I started personal training with Luke in January 2019. In middle age, my goal was to improve and maintain my abilities. As a single parent to 20-year-old twins, I don't ever want to be a burden to them. Luke has helped me surpass my goals. I am stronger and can lift a 40 lb bag of dog food without help. I am more toned and starting to lose the "muffin top" all you ladies know about. I really appreciate Luke's style of training, encouraging me to do "one more pushup," or he'll say, "I think you can do a couple more curl-to-presses." But also listens when I say that's the last one. Thanks, Luke!" - Lisa (52)

"My trainer Luke has personalized my workouts to meet my specific medical limitations and needs. I always feel confident that I won't hurry because he oversees my form and performance." - Sharon (48)

"I started working with Luke at a time when I wasn't feeling like myself. The college had hit hard and I felt like I had lost control of my body. The gym was completely out of my comfort zone but Luke made me feel at ease. Even though I was not in good shape when I started, Luke helped me make sure that I was doing the absolute best I could. His enthusiasm and motivation made me work my hardest every time we worked together. Luke made sure that I was doing all of my exercises with precision and pushing me to reach new goals. His help didn't just end when our time was up. Luke made sure to give me outside workouts that fit my schedule, which were simple yet helped me reach my objectives. It also wasn't strictly working out. Mornings with Luke felt more like hanging out with a friend while working out. I had so much fun and a good conversation. Luke led me in the right direction of my goals and helped me lead a healthier life. With the confidence Luke instilled in me, I have lost 20 pounds and became a better, healthier, and happier version of myself!"
- Elle K. (20)

"Ask for Luke. He is always punctual (and yes, we train at 5:45 am, and he is still on time) and communicates well with his clients. He will make note of your goals and try to help to reach them in a realistic time frame. During our sessions, he is very encouraging, which gives that little push just when you think you can't finish the exercise. Luke is knowledgeable, demonstrates the workouts well, recognizes his clients' strengths & weaknesses, and his availability and flexible schedule makes it easier for his clients."
- Calandra (35)

"I enjoy working with Luke. He's a great trainer very patient, but he makes sure you get the job done!! He makes you enjoy your work, not dread it." - Ella (59)