Your training schedule will be custom-made based upon your needs and availability. Retaining Luke as your
personal trainer means that you have a leader down your path toward health and wellness every step of the way. Every
minute you spend with Luke is purposefully designed and personalized to your needs.
Luke combines one-on-one personal training with remote availability to guide you through your personalized
training plan and optimize your outcomes - body, and mind. The result? Your very own holistic program is addressing the following.


Luke tailors nutrition regimens specifically for a women's body to override lethargy and fuel a sustainably healthy lifestyle.


Partnering with you in your goals, Luke designs workouts based upon the intensity, duration, and type of exercise
that fit into your busy schedule.


We are all wired differently. Whether you are intrinsically motivated or need daily motivation, Luke supports your
goals appreciate all personalities and facilitate your flourishing.


Luke enhances the nurture in your nature to offset your inherent dispositions by monitoring your progress and optimizing your fitness blueprint along the way.
  Luke’s degrees, certifications, experience, and training have allowed him to successfully train post-rehabilitation clients, as he has helped those with cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and diabetes, among other conditions. Each client is unique, and Luke is intent on establishing and cultivating relationships that create the foundation for client growth and ultimate success.

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